Upcoming Events and Recent Show Results

Events and Accomplishments

Upcoming Events we are attending:

    • AHBA herding Middle Tree Farm, NC May 16th
    • AHBA herding Not Quite Right Farm, NC June 18th and 20th
    • AKC herding June 12/13th
    • AHBA herding Sept 11/12
    • AHBA herding Not Quite Right Farm, NC Oct 1
    • AKC herding Sept
    • AKC herding Nov
    • Draft test Nov
    • AKC herding Nov-
    • AHBA herding Dec
    • AKC herding New Years
    • AHBA herding Jan 2022
    • ASSA Nationals March 2022

Recent 2021 Accomplishments of Clients and Golem Kennels dogs:

  • Franki HTADId
  • Chanteuse HSAd
  • Panzer HXAd and 2 pts 
  • Wumpus HSAd
  • Charm RATN, JHDd
  • Miles LIO-3
  • Kiva and Lyra MLIOCH
  • Charm, Epic, Coconut, Franki, Chanteuse, OP HCT
  • Wumpus, Chanteuse, OP, Epic LIO-1
  • Charm LIO-2
  • Sass, Orb and Lyra HSAs (Orb RHIT)
  • Orb HTADIIId
  • Hattie earned her first herding title, HTADId
  • Yegg earned his first herding title, HTADIt and a HRDIIs and ACT1J
  • Zip earned his first herding title, HTADIt
  • Sass earned her HTADIIId title to start her  HTCH run
  • Fling just earned her OA title, Johnnie has earned his LIOCH, Bonnie, Hattie, Zip have earned their TKN’s. Zip earned 70 points and two of the three competition wins towards his UKC CH in conformation.
  • Glinda earned her LIO-1, James earned his LIOCH, Glinda earned her Ground Driving title
  • Johnnie (Jase x Glinda) has learned to paint, done some barnhunt and scentwork lately

* AHBA= American Herding Breeds Association , AKC = American Kennel Club , ASCA = Australian Shepherd Club of America

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