Golem Kennels Shelties and Livestock

Golem Kennels currently consists of:


UCD HtCH Power of the Powwow CD RN TD HXAcds HXBd
(Shetland Sheepdog dog,7yrs, Blue Merle and Tan, Bi-factored)
At StudHerding Dog/Draft/Demo dog for Herding and Obedience and Trick classes/Livestock Guardian

Sire of: Nari, Blue, Brick, Jack, Raider, Nova and Luna

Photography by Diane Lewis

Sheltie gripping cattle during AHBA herding run - definitely a heading dog
Golem’s Mighty Mighty HSAs RA HRDIIIs HTADIIIds RLFIIIs CGC “Brick”
Shetland Sheepdog dog, 3 yrs, son of Pow, Bi- Blue Merle, Bi-Factored)
At Stud
Main Chore Dog/Draft/ Demo dog/Rant detector
UCD Golem’s On the Road HTDId JHDs CGC “Dean”
(Catahoula Cur dog, 5 y, Blue Merle and Tan Merle)
Image by Diane Lewis
Herding dog/Draft/Demo dog for Herding and Obedience Classes
Deep River’s Let It Snow RL1 CGC “Frost”
(Smooth Collie dog, 3 yrs, Blue Merle and Tan Merle, co-owned with Kathy Moll of Deep River Collies)
Livestock Guardian/Draft/Demo dog for Obedience ClassesSire of Hannah (Ptd), Snow, Connie, Powder and Crystal
Deep River's Let it Snow  
Golem’s Cetan From First Light HSAds HRDIs RN CGC “Kestrel”
(Shetland Sheepdog bitch, 4 yrs, Sable, Bi-factored, co-owned with Dawn Pecora of First Light Shelties)
Herding Dog/Draft/Demo dog for Obedience Classes
Dam of Luna and Nova
Golem's Cetan From First Light  
Sunway Makin’ Ewe Move RN HRDIs HCT CGC “Whiskey”
(Shetland Sheepdog bitch, 1yr, Sable, Tri-factored from Sunway Shetland Sheepdogs)Herding Dog/draft training/demo dog in training


Prince Albert of Antioch (Pineywoods, 5mo)  


Push & Pull ( Saneen/Alpine, 1yr)
Draft and Carting team
Nash and Hiero ( Saneen/Alpine, 1yr)  


  • Mixed flock consisting of a Romney, some Cheviots, some Cheviot/Katahdin X’s, some Katahdin’s and this years ram is a Dorper


  • Ducks – 50 Golden 300 hybrids from Metzer Farms
  • Guineas – 12 Lavender and Standard Pied
  • Chickens -12 Partridge Silkies, 8 Black Black Jersey Giants

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