Our Goals

We aim for pleasant working companions that are as at home at a cafe in town as on the farm or in the ring. A balance of herding ability, desire to hunt down prey items and vermin, and a natural desire to guard and nuture their livestock is central to my aims.

All my puppies come with lifetime free training as long as you can get them to me! Even my 10 yr olds are still coming for stock work and fun regularly. We do require that all puppies earn a herding title of PT or higher, in ASCA, AKC or AHBA venues, and we also desire a CGC title on all puppies. We do not sell puppies to pet only homes that have no interest in working their dog in some way, but are happy to help people get into dog sports and try things out. Our dogs have done weight pull, coaching, draftwork, agility, rally, obedience, scentwork, barnhunt, coursing, drag racing, conformation….they are fun to try stuff with. Farm homes are great and I consider getting to do daily chores in real situations the best test of a dog.

I do usually have a waiting list, and generally do not sort puppies until around 12 weeks. This is because I need time for their herding abilities to be apparent in order to pick my keepers and be able to send the appropriate level puppies to the right homes. But this wait also means that all pups come crate trained, leash trained, knowing sit, down and stand and having a start on housetraining. They will ride nicely in the car, and be accustomed to sleeping by themselves away from their siblings. They will have been numerous places and seen a variety of dogs, been in different vehicles, and possibly have had overnights at different locations. Patience gives you a value added puppy that easily adjusts to your home and lifestyle. Puppies not place by 4mo will be registered and be started on their titling just like my keepers – so buying an older puppy may get you one that comes with ribbons – a great short cut to dog sports.

Typical Golem Sheltie timeline: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mMNFlIFWlF9YjKBhDka6fAoX12IgCLTaOMUOzgaxlak/edit?usp=sharing

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